The results from our contingent survey are available to download below.

Thankyou to everyone that completed the survey.

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Issue 2 of The Daily Signal added below :-)

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Download this file (Issue 1.pdf)The Daily Signal - issue 1Cubjam Newspaper699 kB26-05-2013 12:48
Download this file (Issue 2.pdf)The Daily Signal - Issue 2News round up from Sunday1029 kB27-05-2013 08:47
Download this file (Issue 3 v2.pdf)The Daily Signal - Issue 3Monday News751 kB28-05-2013 20:20
Download this file (Issue 4.pdf)The Daily Signal - Issue 4Tuesday's News976 kB29-05-2013 00:47
Download this file (Issue 5.pdf)The Daily Signal - Issue 5Wednesday's News766 kB30-05-2013 08:11
Download this file (Issue 6.pdf)The Daily Signal - issue 6Thursday's News919 kB31-05-2013 16:48

Whilst the Cubjam Crew work with the Scout Association team re local / national media etc now is the time for contingents to start to think about contacting their own local media to share details of the adventure that they have just enjoyed .....

If working with the media is all new to you then why not take a look at the Contingent Media Pack in the resources section, where we try to give some initial hints and tips?

Below you will find a link to some initial information that you can then take and adapt for your local use - perhaps adding your own fundraising details and photographs.

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Ahoy shipmates, look what has just washed up on shore..... our very own Cubjam song! We look forward to hearing you all in good voice and seeing the actions being followed at the opening ceremony - we'd hate to see too many people have to walk the plank so early in our voyage...... ;-)

You will find the music and a sheet with the words and actions on the website

Although the Chief Scout was unable to climb aboard our flotilla he did manage to send a brief message (not in a bottle though!) which was played to everyone as part of our opening ceremony. Thanks Bear!


Click here to download the video

Here are the league tables from the "It's a Knockout" fun on camp.

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