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Once upon a time, a long time ago (well, ok 2001!) Hertfordshire Scouts County decided that what local cubs really need was a taste of "jamboree life". From there events in 2003, 2005, 2009 and 2013 have seen Cubjam evolve into the huge success it is today. Here is a brief summary of just how things have grown.

Space Camp 2001
The origins of Cubjam go back to a Region South camp held at Phasels Wood, Hertfordshire in 2001. "Space Camp" was a Monday - Friday event for approx 400 Cubs from across 5 counties, including Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.
Following Space Camp, it was decided another Regional event should be held in 2005. Bob Cooper as ACC Cubs (Hertfordshire) and Steve Hall (Hertfordshire Cub Administrator) agreed to organise a camp for 2005 for the Region. The vast amount of feedback from Space Camp was gathered together to help shape the next event.

CCCC'03 - County Cub Carnival Camp 2003
To test out new ideas for the organisation of such an event, Bob and Steve organised a County Cub Camp in 2003. This was based on a Carnival theme, and became CCCC'03 - County Cub Carnival Camp, (or was it Carnival County Cub Camp, or County Carnival Cub Camp?!?). CCCC'03 was also held at Phasels Wood, and had nearly 1000 Cubs from across Hertfordshire, along with a few visitors from Bucks taking part over a bank holiday weekend.
Following the mammoth success of CCCC'03, Bob and Steve then began working on an event for 2005.

Cubjam 2005
With the buzz in Scouting around the preparation for EuroJam, and with thoughts that the next 2005 event should be open nationally rather than just limited to Region South, Cubjam was born!
Cubjam 2005 was held at Blackland Farm, East Sussex, and attracted about 700 Cubs from as far afield as Kent, Dorset and Birmingham. The camp ran from Sunday to Friday over the May Half Term and Bank Holiday weekend. Cubs enjoyed activities such as "It's A Knockout" games, fairground side shows, incident hike, a trip on the Bluebell Railway, a visit to Amberley Working Musuem, magic shows, cinemas, carnival parade, campfire various site activities and much, much more.CubJam FM - our own FM radio station broadcast on the site for the week, and also provided an internet stream for parents to listen from home. Our website was updated daily with photos and reports for the parents to view in a secure area. Competitions where held before, during and after Cubjam 2005 for both the Cubs and the Leaders. Souvenir CD's were made for everyone that took part.

Before we knew it Cubjam2009 had been and gone and Cubjam2013 swiftly followed. Plans for 2016 began even before the closing ceremony for Cubjam2013 - and we hope to see lots of you there!

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